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A helping hand can change lives and also possesses the power to rebuild everything. Aalaya foundation is a non profit organization which is lending such life changing helping hands to many. Scope of the Foundation: Child development, personality development, youth welfare, social work, promotion of culture, harmony, research, rural development and education.

The Foundation works towards the development of deprived and marginalized sections of the poor. This is done with the aim of enabling children from the most deprived sections of the society to exercise their birth right to education, both in rural and urban areas. Education is important to help in building a modern market based economy with enhanced information and knowledge. Also, to take better decisions about nutrition and healthcare on behalf of their families and contribute towards a constructive society.

India is one among the rapidly developing economies. Though it has great successes to its list, this country has to find solutions to various problems and has to do a lot for poorer and weaker sections to get the fruits of development. Education is every child’s primary right but many children do not have the access to basic education owing to various reasons like poverty, limited number of schools and education centres, etc. Basic health care centres and facilities are too far for many people and fighting for these facilities has become a part of their fight against illness. We feel that as citizens of this country we all share responsibility of helping these people. And this feeling led to the birth of Aalaya Foundation. Today, we lend our helping hands to many and try to better the prospects of this country.


Aalaya foundation has conducted an interaction section with Sri P Narahari IAS and Humanist.



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