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" Mind at rest is the aalaya of Joy "

Our Story

We, the founders of Aalaya foundation are from professions such as Psychologists, Ethics thinkers, advocacy, scientists, engineers, doctors; all who are involved closely with people. As part of our professions we encountered different people struggling with different problems.We also experienced the situations which involved grief and helplessness of the people.Like any sensitive person would, we came across various stories of sorrow either directly or through medium like newspapers, internet, etc. We helped all those people who reached us and also the people about whom we may came to know by any source. Very soon we realised the need for an organization dedicated to help on a regular basis. We established Aalaya foundation extensively for those who are in need and those who are looking for help. Today, Aalaya serves many as a helping hand and also it is a platform for many volunteers from various walks of life and with a simple thought of serving society. The eligibility of Volunteers is to be sensitive and willing to contribute their time. The real contribution will be their actual presence in events.

Our Vision

Aalaya is derived from the Sanskrit word Aalayaha, meaning temple. We strongly believe that a society where help comes to the people who are suffering, is a temple by itself. Even if our efforts bring about small positive differences, the vision is clear. We strive to propagate the good and make lives of needy better through our educational, social work, health care and security programs.

To build an optimum society.

Our Mission

To serve as a temple of hope and help.

Board of Trustee

arrow Dr B Gita ~ Managing Trustee
arrow S K Vasudeva Rao ~ Trustee
arrow P sridevi ~ Trustee
arrow P Srinivas ~ Trustee