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" Do the best and leave the rest "

The population of our country, India, crossed one billion mark .To mark, half of the population still lives under the poverty line, many need help and in different forms. We carefully designed our activities not only to help the needy but also to change their lives and thus change this country into a better one, even if in a small way.


Education is an important aspect of life and has the power to change lives and also the fate of a country. But such important thing is out of reach for many children because of poverty, lack of facilities, lack of knowledge, and literacy in their families. Our educational activities promote education and will make education available to needy by supporting educational centres. We impart career counselling, Capacity building and personality development programs for both government and private institutions. Enabling the students to get easier loans for higher education is another area of work. Students should not be deprived of education for want of money and the foundation will try to help genuine students.


Health care is another key for a healthy country. Apart from the basic needs like food, clothing and shelter everybody needs health care to live in good health. Though government promotes and provides various health care facilities and programs there are still many who are very far from a doctor. Aalaya’s health activities look after the health of the needy by conducting health camps within their reach and save them from ailments and protect their health. We provide guidance as to how the needy can get support from government schemes and other major private health institutions.

Child and Women Protection

Curbing sex determination and selective female foeticide is one of the major works of Aalaya. After birth, their education is sometimes an issue and also their freedom and empowerment. Right from Mahatma Gandhi many have dreamed about women’s protection and safety. Many laws are made and implemented and so much of police force is dedicated to protect women and children. But still many crimes against women and children are registered and many do not even make entry into government records. At this juncture Aalaya works for women in distress through various programs and rehabilitation facilities. Also it protects children by freeing them from labour and providing rehabilitation and education to them.


Training and Employment

Every person has inherent interests and capabilities. It is possible to train few skills under appropriate guidance. This may enhance skill sets requiring employability and thus increasing the number of employees of this country. Aalaya foundation conducts various vocational training camps and workshops for youth, challenged people with disabilities, students and women. Further, tries to facilitate skilled personnel through whatever possible entrepreneurial or other forms employment.


Awareness gives way to knowledge. Aalaya foundation spreads awareness and knowledge about various aspects like education, health, skills and other basic information which increases their individuality and the ability to tackle their lives and make them better. knowledge helps in solving problems and avoiding issues. When people are equipped with certain necessary life skills, they know how to deal in any kind of situations. This helps to lead a better life. We believe in spreading and Creating a barrier free environment through certain activities.